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Mobile Organic Airbrush Tanning

Care and Maintenance:

* The solution does not contain sunscreen. A waterproof broad spectrum spray sunscreen is recommended after you tan.

* The bronzing effect is a color additive in the solution that will remain on the skin until you are actually tan. When you shower color will come off to reveal your semi permanent tan beneath. Avoid long hot showers or baths. "Pat dry" when exiting the shower. Do not rub or use abrasive products on the skin.

* Moisturize twice a day to prevent dry skin. Stay away from mineral oil, paraffins, and alcohol based moisturizers. Use products that contain collagen and moisturizing restorative ingredients.

* A "Tan Extender" is available for purchase at 25% off with your tan. It contains naturally derived ingredients: vegan based with a hint of DHA. It can be used on all skin types/tones. The anti-aging solution will smooth the skin. Proper ex foliation along with the Tan Extender will expand the life of your tan by 30%!

* Chlorine in swimming pools and jacuzzis will shorten the length of your tan.

* Brush baby powder onto skin prior to working out or sweating. The powder will absorb sweat and prevent tan from stripping.