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Mobile Organic Airbrush Tanning

Proper Preparation Tips:

* Exfoliate skin prior to your sunless tan. It is recommended to use a spa grade exfoliator (shampoo will also work) the day prior to the sunless tan. It is important not to use bar soaps because the residue acts as a barrier to the active tanning ingredient. By exfoliating at least 12 hours before, the skin is able to naturally moisturize itself and as a result should last longer and stay more even.

* Shower at least four hours before the tan. Optimal is 12-15 hours and not the day of. Any sooner you will run the risk of the bronzers getting into the open pores and looking "speckled". Skin should be free of any products such as lotions, oils, deodorants, and makeup.

* Complete your workout, manicure, pedicure, waxing, shaving, and massages a day prior to your appointment.

* Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Avoid bathing suits with strings and ties. A dark cotton swimsuit or shorts are preferred. Bottoms must be worn. Shoes should be limited to dark/black flip flops. If at home, a robe is always nice to relax in.

* Wait 8 hours to achieve best results before showering. Otherwise the DHA ingredient will not react with your skin proteins giving you much lighter results.

* Lasts between 7-12 days and will begin to fade as the top layer of skin naturally sheds. The length of your tan will depend on the personal care of your skin before and after.

* Wear loose fitted dark long sleeve pants and bottoms after your session. It is important not to have skin to skin contact.

* Takes under 30 minutes to complete.